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Zemmpowering People since 2005

Zemmoa shares her journey to becoming one of Mexico's most loved and recognised LGBTQ+ figures.

This year, 2019 marked 41 years of the LGBTQ+ Pride demonstrations, the poster to promote the march was inspired in a police raid in Mexico City in 1901 where they arrested 41 people. The called it. "El Baile de los 41" - The number forty-one became a code to refer to LGBTQ+ people in Mexico in a derogative way, but this year it becomes a symbol of pride, and what a better year to headline the 41 LGBTQ+ Pride March celebrations.

Picture: Sandra Blow

Zemmoa performed in the main square in Mexico City last June, she shares what it means to perform there, what inspires her to get out of bed in the morning, (apart from taquitos al pastor) and the bonds that create with her chosen family of dancers.

Earlier this year Zemmoa launched her album COVERS. The album features songs from Zemmoa's biggest idols like Juan Gabriel, Paulina Rubio and Raffaella Carra. You can listen here. #NNVAV

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