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If you know of any Latinx living in England that might want to share their story, please write to 

Why are we doing this?
We want to listen to HIV+ Latin Americans, hear how their journey has been and to empower them to take control of their own narratives. We need Latin American voices to help us spread key messages like U=U, and educate communities on HIV prevention methods and testing.
Studies show that Latin Americans are at higher risk of contracting HIV, and those living with HIV experience higher rates of stigma. This is due to barriers faced by Latin American communities to HIV and sexual health services in the UK. For example, language barriers and a
lack of language specific resources around sexual health, NHS services and information.

We are aiming to increase the representation of Latin Americans in HIV and sexual health literature, campaigns and films. Delivering language and culturally specific information to those who may have disengaged with sexual health previously, due to these language barriers or a lack of
cultural representation.

In this project, we will be producing five short documentary films which will illustrate what living with HIV feels like, and ultimately HOW IT IS for some members of the community. We will also be utilising a variety of other media (social media campaigns and posters throughout the public
transport network) to try to reach as many people as possible.

Worried anout appearing on camera?

Deciding whether or not it is right for you to participate in a documentary film is a very individual decision. For example, you might be worried about disclosing your HIV status on camera as this might not be something you’ve talked about with family and friends. Or you might be worried about experiencing stigma and discrimination if your identity is revealed in a film. As a team, we empathise with these concerns and strive to create something that our participants feel comfortable with.

It is really important we tell stories like yours so we can dispel myths around HIV, tackle stigma in communities, increase awareness and educate people on vital HIV prevention tools. This is why we wish to make clear that there are several ways that you can engage with this film project, whilst also protecting your anonymity if this is important to you. We can shield your identity in any film content, change your name if you wish or even use actors or voice actors to tell your story on camera. It is vital we tell stories like yours, but it is also our priority that all participants are in charge of their own portrayal and narrative.

If you would like to share your story and take part in this film project, but you're worried about what this might mean for you, please do get in touch and we can talk through any concerns that you might have.

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