Our mission is to revive the conversation about HIV and sexual health within communities that have disengaged from it. We want to use art and design to build new bridges of communication and contribute to projects and organisations that have been working in the field for many years.


Our online store sells limited edition pieces by artists and designers. Profits from the sale of these pieces go towards funding campaigns and work by organisations around HIV and sexual health.

Who is numero de serie?


My name is Roberto Tovar and I was born and raised

in Mexico City.

Número de Serie stems out of a desire to revive the decreasing concern regarding sexual health issues and a need to leverage awareness campaigns.


After I was diagnosed HIV+ I learnt about the implications of living with HIV, including treatment, medical advances and social attitudes. My diagnosis opened up a world of information for me, my close friends and my family. I would like to emulate this enlightenment for a wider audience, using art and design to create conversation and social change.

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