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Innovation Fund Granted

In autumn last year, our application to Public Health England's Innovation Fund was successful, we are happy to announce that we will be working on a Latin-American-communities-focused programme in partnership with Metro Charity and NAZ project London which is due to be delivered throughout 2021. It's our third time working with Metro Charity, in previous years we worked together along their Latino Seguro project, and their #HablemosDeSexo or #LetsTalkAboutSex campaigns, this collaboration highlight Metro's commitment to HIV prevention within Latin American communities.

A huge joy of this whole project is the opportunity to work with pioneer organisation, NAZ project, they have been working and advocating to deliver culturally-specific sexual health services to those historically left behind. We (Latin Americans) are a very diverse group with different struggles, pains and joys. Listening to the stories of Latin American people living with HIV is pivotal to develop an effective strategy to reduce stigma, and prevent new transmissions within the Latin American community. The aim of this project is to amplify those stories and create a network of information from the community to the community. Watch this space for more news about this exciting project. In the meantime please if you made it to this, could you help us spare the news and share the info below, we are looking for Latin American living with HIV, living in London or that had lived in London before. We want to hear from them and amplify their story.



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