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Out, Loud & Proud.

Five of our favourite LGBTQ+ podcasts you should be listening to

1. Bad Gays Because there's also a dark side of the rainbow, this podcast hosted by Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller tells the stories of remarkable evil queers in history. I particularly enjoy the story of East London famous gangster Ronnie Kray, the modernist Phillip Johnson, and Morrissey. You'll be surprised.

I came across Anthems because of the team Prepster's Marc Thompson and Will Nutland, my sexual health and activism senseis. To introduce you to this series of original manifestos, stories and poems, I'd say that you start with the JOY & GRATITUDE, and STRAIGHT.

A unique register of stories of trans individuals, their life stories. (Mainly from Mexico City). Their aim is to show a different kind of existence within the sexual diversity spectrum. My longtime friend Zemmoa was my go-to to start with La Hora Trans, was a great trip to memory lane but an opportunity to step out from our relationship and listen to her struggles with a different view.

Adriann Ramirez hosts this series of relaxed and pals-like conversations with LGBTQ+ artists, they chat about their inspiration, creative processes and Dua Lipa. You can listen to Ramirez get into the heads of Paul Kindersley, John Booth and Kate Wallich. Follow Lavender Language on Instagram

As per their description: Repeatedly-award-winning podcast. Scott Flasheart's witty sense of humour on everyday events of the modern/mainstream queer. From hookups, gym, douching, sexual health, representation, threesomes, body image and a long list of other issues. I would say it is socially responsible slightly filthy entertainment.

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