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  • Introducing The Gerard Kay series, a series inspired in the journey of a man in the 70’s to the early years of the 2000’s. The series shows tickets, members cards and other memorabilia from Europe’s LGBTQ+ parties, members clubs, saunas, cruise clubs, cinemas and other spaces where men gather to meet other men. This happened in a time of tension towards the LGBTQ+ community.


    The t-shirts are placed in a Google Maps background that corresponds to the location of those queer spaces in the 70s specifically in Copenhagen and London. We want to reflect in how safe spaces for meeting LGBTQ+ individuals have changed and disappeared over 40 years. We never saw a picture of Gerard Kay - what does he look like, if he is still alive, where does he live now?  There is only a record of the places he liked to frequent, we would like to imagine what he experienced through those tickets. The things he saw, the things he smelt and the people he met.


    Featuring - Chaguaramas Club, London | Sauna La Limite, Brussels | KingsSauna, London | Sauna Adonis, Copenhagen | Fallos Films, Copenhagen | Soho Cinema, London

    Gerard Kay Series

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