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PrEPster facebook live - Spanish

Mark on your calendar next 21st of November, we will be talking with the guys behind PrEPster about PrEP within the Spanish speaking community in the UK.

Spanish speakers and accessing PrEP. Thursday 21st November 2019

Gay and bisexual Latinx men are far less likely than their white counterparts to take PrEP – this must change. New data from Public Health England revealed a drop in new HIV diagnoses sadly excluding Latinx Americans. We want to raise awareness of the existence of the trial, explain what needs to be done to get onto the trial and explain other basic information connected to the trial, to provide clear educational info about PrEP to key communities of concern, to increase visibility of Latinx men within sexual health messaging, to discuss the specifics of PrEP and how it works from the experiences of some Latinx men who take PrEP themselves or are very knowledgeable about it in a very personal way in order to target and interest others like them and we want to raise awareness of testing and sex positivity.

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We will be talking about queer activism in Fringe Queer Film Festival on November 15th.


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