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let us eat cake

On December 1st, we will be joining forces with our guys from Bodega Rita's.

Cake, natural wine, a raffle with boujee prizes should be enough to make you get out of bed on a cold Sunday morning, but if you need another reason... It's for a good cause.

Bodega Rita's, your favourite deli-wine shop are celebrating their first birthday and decided to run the mother of all bake sales. All the proceeds will go to Positive East, a charity that has been working around HIV for more than 26 years. (They have a special place in my heart because I got my diagnosis in there. They were really supportive and caring so I feel it's important to show some love back.) Join us, get a slice of your favourite cake, a cheeky bottle of wine, get your tickets for the raffle that will happen at 3 pm, you never know... you might get the first prize. Some of the bakers that are kindly contributing to making this extra special are:

More bakers have been added since the flyer got published, like Bao London... I think you've heard of them!

Prizes include courses from the talented Store Projects that happens to be Bodega Rita's neighbours. Scruff, Fleed, Gay's The Word, Babes, and many more... We want to say thank you for your generosity.

Hope to see you there, eat cake together and bring back the community spirit that in big cities often feels like fades into our busy lives. This is an event for everybody but Jacob Rees-Mogg, otherwise... everybody's welcome.


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